Laurence Tisch

Laurence Tisch is the co-chairman of Loews Corporation, a company that acquired Lorillard Tobacco in 1960. Tisch and his brother Preston have been involved in a number of corporate takeovers including the acquisition of CBS, which they sold to Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1995.


Q. Well, have you inquired at any board meetings of Loew’s Corporation of any– of Dr. Spears or anybody else in Lorillard what the position of Lorillard is today on the issue of whether smoking causes lung cancer [unintelligible]?

A. No.

Q. Have you inquired as to what the position of Lorillard is at any time in the 1990s about whether cigarette causing lung cancer?

A. No.

Q. Have you inquired any time in the 1990s at to whether or not nicotine is an addictive substance?

A. Of whom?

Q. Anybody in Lorillard. [unintelligible], Dr. Spears, [unintelligible] judge, anybody?

A. No.

Q. Has the Loew’s board, to you knowledge, every had an agenda item or discussed smoking and health issues, just in general, at any time? Has it ever been an agenda item?

A. Not an agenda item. The issue has come up in discussions, various discussions of Lorillard in lawsuits and things of that type.

Q. Have you ever asked what position is Lorillard taking in lawsuits with respect to whether cigarette smoking causes lung cancer?

A. I haven’t asked that question.

Q. Have you ever heard any position being articulated, whether you asked the question or not, as to the position Lorillard is taking in lawsuits about whether smoking causes lung disease?

A. No. I will state for the record, that although it is in my area, I think the representation that you previously made as to what the company’s supposed position is, is flatly…

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