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QUITTRAIN-LOGO-EA04-TMgrQuit Train’s Message Board was created by former smokers who have a deep desire to help people quit smoking and to help keep those quits intact.  This place should be a safe haven to escape the daily grind and focus on protecting our quits.  We don’t believe that there is a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to quitting smoking.  Each of us have our own unique set of circumstances which contributes to how we go about quitting and more importantly, how we keep our quits.

This is not an environment where anybody will be judged as we only exist to offer education, support and acceptance.  Through education and sharing experiences, we can all help each other to keep this nasty, deadly addiction out of our lives.  We all want the same thing; to stay smoke-free and enjoy our lives of living as a non-smoker and all of the health benefits and freedom that it offers.

Anybody can quit smoking and anybody can stay that way.  It’s matter of finding a good combination of education and support to expose the lies of smoking in a comfortable, come as you are environment.  We welcome all with open arms and hope that you can make this your safe haven to take your freedom back and get on with the business of living life as a non-smoker.



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  1. Good luck, it’s nice your members have a more fun site then what QSMB was. With over 100 gone meg might want her job back. It only took Harper I don’t know Jack to clear the QSMB less then a month to get rid of anyone with 2 yrs time or more.

    1. Gotcha! Still, go to your settings and clear all of your private data including saved passwords. If that doesn’t work then I can change your password and email it to you.

    1. Does the browser say the site is offline? If not, let me know because sometimes members change their display name which is different than the username.

    I was looking forward to retiring at the age of sixty . Two weeks after my birthday, I had been a carer looking after patients in their own homes. Little did I know it was me that was going to need care.
    The day came when I retired , and life was looking good. My husband and I had lots of days out, doing the garden, and enjoying retirement in general.
    Two years later , I found I was getting chest infections, I was a heavy smoker , and smoking didnt help me. I decided to quit smoking whilst on holiday. I joined a quit support group, which helped me on my quit journey. I enjoyed being on line and helping not only myself to stop smoking, but helping others too. One year on and I was asked to help run the support site, as a voluntary administrator. I agreed and to this present day I still try and help others to quit smoking.
    Unfortunately one year after stopping smoking I developed a very nasty chest infection. Antibiotics cleared it up, however I found I was not feeling one hundred percent, and my legs and ankles began to swell up.
    My doctor said it was probably arthritis, however he wanted to send me to see a doctor, based at one of the hospitals.

    My appointment came through, and off I went to the hospital ,
    oblivious of what the doctors were looking for. I was in for what was most of the day. Doctors were coming and going , examining me from head to toe. I thought it was a bit unusual if i had arthritis. They sent me for an x ray. then said they would get in touch with me for another appointment.
    Off I went home, puzzled about what was wrong with me , and why they needed x rays.
    Two days later and that was the start of my battle.
    A letter came for me to go for a C.T.scan. the next day. The Xray showed an abnormality on my chest.
    I had the C.T. scan and yet another letter came for me to go to the hospital the next day.
    I was taken into one of the consulting rooms. There before me was a monitor with my C.T.results showing my lung.
    I knew what was coming next, looking at the dark shadow it was easy to see.
    Yes I had cancer on my right lung. My heart sank , and the emotions I felt were very mixed. My husband was with me and he too was taken back by the news.
    Breaking the news to my two daughters was hard, but bless them both they helped me and my husband all the way.
    I then had to have a biopsy but apparently I struggled with that so the oncologist couldnt do a full biopsy .
    One week later I had another appointment to see the surgeon.
    He explained I would have to have an operation, to check that the cancer wasnt attaching itself to the main artery, which goes to the brain. This operation would take about four hours.
    Then if all was well , they would then do a further operation two weeks after, to remove the whole of my right lung.(pneumonectomy).

    The first operation went well and the cancer wasn`t pressing or attached to the windpipe or main artery. What a relief. I then had to wait another two weeks for the next appointment for surgery.
    It was approacing christmas, and the hospital phoned and said my surgery would be on Christmas eve day. I thought how it would upset my family over Christmas. A couple of days later the hospital phoned again. They offered me an earlier date, the 10th of December.
    The 10th came and I had my operation to remove my right lung.
    It was approximately a six hour operation . All went well.
    I was in nintensive care for three days , and dont remember much of it, due to the morphine.
    I was allowed to go home after the fifth day in hospital.
    I was feeling fine, until they put me on adjuvant chemotherapy, My first session took eight hours. I thought I would be fine.
    Next morning I felt terrible, I had nausea, dizziness and tinnitus.
    I struggled through for a week. I then had to go back to be assessed for more chemotherapy. Unfortunately I was so poorly I collapsed in the hospital.
    They decided not to carry on with the chemotherapy.
    However I found myself very short of breath, which I now know was due to the chemotherapy affecting my heart muscles etc.
    I struggled with my breathing for about a year. Then one day whist at home I found I couldnt get my breath it was very frightening and I didnt know what was happening. My husband called for an ambulance and I was rushed into A and E. I was then told I had a heart attack. Both my husband and I were shocked at this news. I was kept in hospital for four days , after an angiogram I was told I didnt need any further treatment. I was just given medication.
    After exercise and diet I started to feel better, my breathing was getting better but not completely perfect. I was fine for just over another year.
    I started to feel a bit dizzy and lightheaded so I went to my G.P.
    He took the usual blood tests and I went back for the results a week later. My doctor looked worried , and informed me the tests were showing I may have the cancer back. This time he thought it was around the kidney area.
    So the same routine C.T. scans , and then seeing the oncologist. Yes my doctor was right. I had a tumour on my left adrenal gland. It was about the size of a pea. I had the surgery to remove it about six weeks later, by this time I was in pain.
    The tumour had grown to the size of an orange. Thankfully I had a good surgeon who knew what he was doing. Yet again I had adjuvant chemotherapy about three weeks after surgery.
    I coped with the chemotherapy this time, however I lost my hair and I started with peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. So after the third session they had to stop the chemotherapy .
    I then found I was struggling again with shortness of breath.
    I went to my doctor , who sent me to a cardiologist. After seeing him and all the tests, I was told my heart was strong and nothing to worry about.
    I tried exercise but my breathing didn`t improve. I struggled for another year, then one day I decided to see my G.P. I said I know I struggle with breathing , but I dont feel right.
    The doctor took my blood pressure, then my pulse. She was very concerned as my pulse rate, was 34 . very low. She then sent for an ambulance. Oh my I didnt know it was that bad.
    So I ended up in hospital. apparently my pulse rate was very low on resting and whilst asleep it dropped to 24 and one tim it missed completely. By this time I was frightened.
    The consultant cardiologist decided to take my beta-blocker off me , and monitor me . This actually worked and my heart behaved itself. Whats more my breathing is now fifty percent better and improving.
    I have just had the all clear from the hospital, and the next check up is in six months.
    My message to any one who smokes , is dont think it wont happen to you. “It can “

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